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Offer Admin keyboard shortcuts
Offer Admin keyboard shortcuts

Work faster and smarter when building offers with these neat keyboard shortcuts

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To be even more effective when working in Offer Admin, use these keyboard shortcuts below:

💡Using Mac? - Use [option] instead of [alt]


press [alt] + R to use the Reorder button
press [alt] + E to use the Edit button


press [alt] + S to use the Save button


press Esc to cancel a change

press [alt] + C to use the Cancel button 

press [alt] + C 

  • to cancel inline edit and reordering

  • to cancel full edit mode and go back to Offer Admin without saving


press [alt] + any of the numbers below to create a new line with a product
press [shift] + [alt] + any of the numbers below to create it in full edit mode

(e.g. [alt] + 1 will create a new line with a standard product)

(e.g. [shift] + [alt] + 1 will create a new standard product in full edit mode)

press [alt] + 6 to Search and Copy

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