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Grab larger market share by using Qondor programs
Grab larger market share by using Qondor programs

Give attendees a full overview of an event with mobile friendly branded programs

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When organising meetings or events, it is likely that Project Managers will need to put together a program, listing the schedule of activities from the start of the event to its conclusion. Programs are a great aid to attendees, allowing them to see the schedule ahead of time, plan accordingly, feel confident knowing there is a plan, create excitement in advance, and add to the overall event experience.  

Instead of using old fashioned forms, such as a Word document, why not try Qondor's program feature where you can create modern, beautiful, personal, on-brand and accessible programs and mobile itineraries.

In the growing age of digital, more and more people are online and rely on their phone for a source of information and roundabout anything, so it's important to adapt to these changes. Creating a program in this way will also help you to differentiate yourself from your competitors as many organisations still rely on Word or PDF. Customers are forever seeking fun and innovative options.


  • Fully customisable design: add your customer's logo, colours and font

  • Present agenda with dates and times

  • Add custom content pages in the menu using the Menu items feature

  • Include information and images, links and files

  • One program that looks good on all platforms: mobile, tablets, web, PDF, print

  • Can be distributed by email or SMS

  • Build personalized programs for example per attendee category

  • Collect information from your participants' bookings and automatically display it in the Program using personalised tags.

  • Access administration: require users to log in with their phone number or a password to keep your program secure

  • Enable feedback per activity for more effective event evaluation

Below is an example of a program viewed on a mobile phone:

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