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Project Management in Qondor
Project Management in Qondor

Searchable project database with all information in one place, handle tasks, report on financials and projects and stay GDPR compliant

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Using several internal systems to keep control of customer requests, project information, tasks, reporting and data analysis can be time consuming and may lead to the risk of missing information. Instead, use one platform, Qondor, for full management and handling of projects. Here are some of the jobs our customers get done by using Qondor:

  • Every customer request is a project in Qondor, to enable complete overview and reporting on the business.

  • The project database is easily searchable with intuitive filters, to give accurate results and make sure users find exactly what they are looking for.

  • Every project has one, two or up to three project managers, making it simple for each user to see which projects they are handling and to share projects.

  • With a full project overview, it's easy to do resource planning in a team, for example based on how many projects a user has in a given time period.

  • All projects have a status to identify where in the process it is, so it's quick to determine in which projects action is needed.

  • Add necessary information and files in every project to keep all information in one place and share smartly with external stakeholders.

  • All users in an organisation can find any project to avoid being vulnerable when someone is out of office, to ensure effective customer service.

  • Handle all operational tasks that needs to be completed and be reminded when they are due to avoid missing deadlines.

  • Search the project database for inspiration when handling new requests, for instance view what colleagues have offered at a specific destination.

  • Instantly get to know an unfamiliar customer by viewing all their previous requests and projects.

  • In larger organisations, use teams in Qondor and get an overview and report per team.

  • Utilize Qondor to handle the full sales process and get accurate financial forecasting per project, team and office.

  • Analyse and report on project data and get invaluable insights into your business and how to improve it.

  • Stay GDPR compliant with project retention policies to ensure secure handling of personal information.

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