As a data controller, you have an obligation under GDPR to stop processing participants' personal information when you don't need it anymore. In each project you can decide how long you want to keep this information or not, by applying a project retention policy. Once the retention policy in a project is expired, you can choose to anonymise it, meaning communication and your participants' personal data will be either deleted or anonymised completely.
N.B. This action is irreversible, neither you nor Qondor will be able to restore this data!

The Project anonymisation feature is available to users with an Office admin or Super admin role.


When the retention policy in a project expires, it will be listed in Office -> Project Anonymisation. Select the project(s) you would like to anonymise and hit "Anonymise projects" to complete the action.

The following data will be deleted:

  • All booking invoice specification PDF's registered on private addresses
    (invoice specification PDF's with company addresses will be kept)

  • All credit card receipts

  • All booking confirmation PDF's

  • All emails

  • All SMS

The following data will be anonymised:

  • Bookings

  • Participants

  • Participant custom fields - answers from bookers/participants

  • Booker fields - answers from bookers/participants

  • Additional person fields - answers from bookers/participants

  • Product form alternatives - answers from bookers/participants

  • Manual name reporting - accommodation answers

  • Tickets on Transport products

📌Once projects are anonymised:

  1. Participants cannot be added to projects

  2. New bookings or existing bookings cannot be made or edited.

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