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Tracking the source of Leads

Learn where your customer requests originate

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Leads From is an optional setting in Qondor, but we like to mention the things that we believe will benefit your business. Tracking where your leads originate from can be vital for your organisation, so it is smart for Office Admins to provide their office with these options so that Project Managers can report back and you can analyse which channels are most effective. 

Think about the most used channels and also consider other channels your leads may come through. Be as specific as possible to ensure you gain a useful report. Here are a few examples:

  • Email

  • Incoming call

  • Sales

  • Social Media

  • Website

  • Referral

  • Other

You could be even more specific, by clarifying the list further:

  • A category per sales manager 

  • Request form online

  • Email directly to project manager or team

  • Phone directly to project manager or team


Just head to Office --> Leads From


The screenshot below shows how to create new Leads From by filling in the name of the category in the white box and clicking add. You can edit existing lead categories by clicking on the lead name. You are able to deactivate lead categories if they are no longer required, by clicking the red symbol. If deactivated, these lead categories will not be available for selection in new projects and will be hidden by default in the view shown below. If an active lead category is not in use for a period of time, Qondor will simply delete it instead of deactivating it. 

💡 Good to know: Use the filter 'Active/All' to view all items, including deactivated.

If you decide to enable Leads From, Project Managers will be prompted to choose one of these options when creating their project.

If you choose not to define Leads From, then this option will not be visible to Project Managers when creating and editing a new project.

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