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Project Categories

Report on the types of business you are handling

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Although Project Categories is an optional setting, we recommend that Office Admins define Project Categories beforehand in order to track what type of business you handle where you may be losing business. This is handy for Project Managers for reporting purposes and may help improve their sales strategy.

Have a think about what your business offers and can offer and what your customers usually book or request. Office Admins can name the category options themselves. Here are some examples of common project categories:

  • Flight only

  • Accommodation only

  • Meeting

  • Incentive

  • Conference

  • Event

  • Package

  • Registration form only

If you decide to enable project categories, Project Managers will be prompted to choose one of these options when creating their project.

If you choose not to define Project Categories, this option will not be visible to Project Managers when creating and editing projects.


Just head to Office -->  Project Categories.



See the image below for where to create new project categories. Fill in the name of the category in the white box and click add.


Edit existing categories by clicking the name of the category.


You can deactivate categories if they are no longer required, by clicking the red symbol.


  • If deactivated these categories will not be available for selection in new projects.

  • On existing projects that use a deactivated category, deactivated categories remain visible in the drop-down in project settings, with "(Deactivated)" next to it.

  • If a category is not in use, Qondor will simply delete it instead of deactivating it.

  • Reporting: The category is still available on the projects which use the categories in Qondor and in the APIs.

💡 Good to know: Use the filter 'Active/All' to view all items, including deactivated.

So you see, it's simple to set up and manage, and can be very helpful for your business!

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