When your customer views an offer, it is possible to click Send feedback to project manager, leave a comment and click Send. This option is available for all products published on the offer, unless the Project manager deactivates it per product. The Project manager receives an email with the comment and can manage and reply to comments easily in Offer Admin. In return, the customer receives an email for every comment the Project manager sends.

Below is an example of how the feedback option looks for the customer, with a couple of comments already added.


  • When the customer sends a comment, it is saved on the customer offer.
  • The Project manager receives an email notification with the comment and a link to the Comments menu for the project in Offer admin.
  • You can also access the Comments menu from Offer admin as displayed below. Number of comments on the offer is displayed on the button.
  • Further down is an example of the Comments menu in an offer when some comments are already added.
  • All comments are displayed, with customer comments to the left and Project manager comments to the right. 
  • In the top drop down menu, you can choose to view comments for one product only, and go back to all comments by clicking "Clear".
  • To access a product with comments, click on the "forward" icon to the top right of the comment box, marked below.
  • To reply to a comment on the main page, click on the product name, write your comment and click "Post comment".
  • The comment is saved on the product and the customer offer, and an email containing the comment is sent to the customer.

❕ It is not possible to delete comments.


  • If you do not want the customer to leave any comments, or you want to limit it to one or a few products on the offer, you can unpublish the comments option per product (outside a product group) and per product group.
  • In full product edit, go to the Offer config tab and select Hide feedback section.
  • On a product group, select Hide comments under Options, as seen below.
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