Offer Settings

Define offer name, option date, currencies, default margin, price configuration and terms & conditions

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You can define offer settings at any time.


  • Heading: the offer name to be displayed both to you and the customer.

  • Status: for new offers this is "Not sent". When the offer is sent, the status is automatically updated to "Sent" and when the customer accepts at least one product on the offer, it is automatically updated to "Confirmed". Set it to "Cancelled" if the customer declines the offer.

  • Location: taken from the Project location but you are able to amend this if needed.

  • Offer valid until: the answering deadline for the customer and is displayed on the offer page. It is not possible for the customer to answer the offer after this date. If no option date is set, it will not be mentioned to the customer.

  • Published: The offer must be Published before sending it to the customer.

  • Main offer: must be set for one offer per project. The main offer is used for financial forecasting. The first offer on a project will automatically be set as the main offer.

  • Disable the maybe status on products/groups: if the customer should only be able to select "yes" or "no" for a product.


  • If purchasing products/services in foreign currencies from suppliers, you can define these currencies here including the currency rate you want to use when calculating selling prices.


  • Default margin can be set in percentage and will be used to calculate selling prices when in prices (your purchase price) is added. You can change the margin manually on each price line if you wish.

  • Price settings are standard for your office and defined by an Office admin in Office Settings. You may change these by unchecking "Use office defaults" at the top of Offer settings and then selecting/deselecting the columns you want for this particular offer.


  • Will be displayed as an introduction at the top of the offer, above the products.

  • As an alternative, you can use standard products to, for example, present a location introduction instead. These can easily be added to the offer by searching for the location and adding it from Product search.

TERMS & CONDITIONS (can be standard for your office)

  • These are standard for your office but you can change them per offer if needed by unchecking "Use office defaults" at the top of Offer settings.

  • You can add text and/or a file.

  • The customer has to accept any terms & conditions before answering the offer.

  • Terms & conditions added to the Offer will be included at the bottom of the Customer web front page (Offer), and in the Offer confirmation PDF that is sent with the email confirmation.

OFFER CONFIRMATION PAGE AND EMAIL (can be standard for your office)

  • This is the confirmation page your customer sees when replying to the offer, and the email confirmation your customer receives.

  • The text is standard for your office but you may change it per offer by unchecking "Use office defaults" at the top of Offer settings.

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