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Define SMS sender name for more event tailored messages

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When you activate SMS in Qondor you need to set a Custom SMS Sender in your Office settings. This will usually be your company name and can be set by an Office admin (superuser).

Custom SMS sender must consist of only letters and digits and must contain at least one letter and maximum 11 characters. The technical term for this is "Alphanumeric Sender".

You are also able to set a Customer SMS Sender per project if you want to set your Customer's name as the Sender:

Please note that our third party SMS supplier does not support an Alphanumeric Sender in all countries, read this article to view all supported countries. If your attendee's country is not supported Qondor will default to a regular phone number.

❗❗ iOS does not support less than three characters as the Custom SMS Sender.

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