If you have a Netaxept or Worldline credit card payment solution in Qondor and need to refund money on a booking paid by credit card, this is a manual process as there is no automatic refund solution for Netaxept or Worldline credit card payments in Qondor.

Follow the below step by step guide, involving both Qondor and Netaxept.

1. In Qondor, find the booking that needs refunding, and go to "Financial details".

2. Find the credit card payment you want to partly or fully refund, and copy the order number:

3. Log in to your Netaxept or Worldline account online, search and find the order number you copied.

4. Choose to fully or partly refund the payment. The money will be refunded within a few days.

5. When done, you need to manually register a refund line in Qondor to update the booking balance with the refund registered in Netaxept or Worldline. Go back to Financial details on the booking in Qondor and register a negative Additional payment with the amount you just refunded, and set it to "Paid by booker".

6. You will then have the option to create an online payment refund on the additional payment you registered. This option is at the bottom of the page:

Below is an example of two DIBS refund lines registered on a booking, with the booking balance finally in 0.


💡 Create Online Payment refund is only available if the booking balance is negative and Credit card is a possible form of payment on the booking.

💡 When registering a Netaxept or Worldline refund in Qondor, no information is sent to/from Netaxept or Worldline, it is only used to update the booking balance.

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