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Reporting API

Fetch project data for reporting purposes

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The reporting API  is used for fetching data from Qondor into other systems, like:

  • Internal datawarehouse for Business Intelligence purposes

  • Cloud Big Data environments like Google BigQuery or Hadoop

  • Direct fetch from reporting solutions like Tableau or Bime Analytics

  • Transfer information from Qondor to other systems like SalesForce etc


The Access Token needs to be included in every request. The overall access to the data is based on the Access Token, but you can further limit the response by using the following request parameters.

Request parameters

  • officeId (optional) - limit the results by office

  • teamId (optional) - limit the results by team

  • projectLeaderId (optional) - limit results by Project Manager

  • fromDate (optional) - Range filter

  • toDate (optional) - Range filter

  • dateType (optional)  Specifies the meaning of the parameters 'fromDate' and 'toDate'. 1 = CreatedDate (Default if not specified) 2 = ConfirmedDate 3 = DepartureDate 4 = ArrivalDate

  • projectId (optional) - Limit results to one project

Response content

The response is a JSON Array with projects. For each project you can retrieve the following information:

Office Information
Information about the office, name and currency code, project manager and team information

Project details
Project No, Name, Lead from, Category, Customer information, departure and return dates, status (Pending, Confirmed, Finished, Cancelled with cancel reason), destination, number of people

Financial details
Budget sales & revenue, real sales & revenue, probability percentage, confirmed sales/revenue on air/rail, hotels and other products/services, sales/revenue from attendees, invoiced sales/revenue to customer & attendees, confirmed roomnights split by single/double room.

Detailed information on field names is available through the API portal, which can be accessed after receiving the Access Token.

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