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What are vouchers and why use them?
What are vouchers and why use them?

Handle food and drink vouchers with new technology

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If your customer is concerned about cost control with regards to food and beverages during an event, Qondor vouchers gives you the option of controlling the volume used and by which attendees. Instead of paper vouchers you can give attendees registered in Qondor a defined number of vouchers for bar drinks after dinner. Attendees can use their vouchers by registering a personal wristband or QR code for each drink they purchase. When an attendee has used up all available vouchers, they are no longer able to use their wristband or QR code to purchase more drinks.


Food & Beverages

Use QR-codes or wristbands to handle distribution and spend at lunch, bar etc.

Secure and efficient

All voucher usage is securely stored in the cloud, and voucher usage can be reported in real time.


The voucher is linked to the attendee and make replacement of QR code or wristband effortless in case of malfunction.


Be sure that no-one abuses the system borrowing/collecting vouchers from others.

Learn how to set up vouchers here

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