You can send messages to bookers and participants from several places in Qondor:

Participants -> Email / SMS

If you want to send a message to single or multiple participant(s) you are viewing in the Participants menu.

Participants -> Invite

Here you can send email invitations to participants you would like to invite as well as send reminders to those who have not used their invitation yet. You can also save a draft of the email you would like to send.

Booking list -> Email / SMS

Use this if you want to send messages to all contact persons/participants, bookings with a particular status, bookings who have not completed final payment and/or name reporting. Qondor will generate emails to the bookings displayed in your booking list based on your search/filter. Choose to send to contact persons if you only have single bookings. If you have multibookings, choose contact persons and participants if you want everyone in the bookings to receive the email, or only contact persons or only participants, depending on who you want to receive the email. Do not worry, no email will be sent yet :)

You can then define email subject, text, add attachments and booking confirmations. Choose “Send only to me” if you want to see how the email looks before sending it to recipients. Note that the test email will not include an active login link, as you as admin is not an actual participant.

Open booking -> Email / SMS

If you want to send a message to a particular booking you are viewing in admin.

Open booking -> Cancel booking -> Send email and cancel booking

If you want to inform the contact person that the booking is cancelled. If any fees apply you can add a link which will show the booker the outstanding balance and send him to the payment page in Qondor.

Lists -> View list -> Email / SMS

If you want to send messages based on participants’ booking selections. You can search in a list, and Qondor will send messages to those bookings displayed in the list based on your search. You will get a Send email or Send SMS dialogue where you can specify the content.

Communication Center

In Project -> Communication Center, you can can view your communications log, an overview of emails and SMS sendt from Qondor.


❗ Beware that sending several thousand emails in one operation may cause issues and delays and should be avoided. We recommend sending large amounts in bulk of up to 1000 per operation. You can for example filter on Last name and include participants with last names starting with a range of letters, depending on the total amount of recipients you are sending to. 

Contact Qondor Support if you are unsure of how to handle your scenario.

Learn more about how to send messages here

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