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How to ensure a successful Check-in

Checklist and best practices to register event attendees' arrivals

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❔Understand your customer's needs for the event

Every event can benefit from documenting attendance, however it's important to determine which check-in method to use and how to organize the check-in prior to the event.

To do this answer the following:

  • How many attendees are likely to attend? This will help to determine which method to use.

  • What information should be documented - attendance per day, per activity or a selection of activities? This determines which check-in points to set up and their access restrictions.

  • Is there a need to automate and control use of personal vouchers for food, drink or other? If so, check-in point(s) with more than one check-in is needed.

  • How tech savvy are the attendees? Do they all have smart phones or do they need something in print? This determines which method to use and how to distribute check-in identification.

  • When and how does your customer need documentation of attendance? If they want a real time dashboard, this must be set up by the Qondor team.

🗒️Make sure check-in needs are taken into consideration when registering attendees in Qondor

Whether attendees are registering through a registration form or you are importing a list of people, make sure Qondor is set up to support the check-in points you need.
Read about how to set up check-in points

⌚Ensure attendees are informed of how to check-in/register at the event

If attendees are using QR codes or RFID wristbands to check-in and/or register vouchers, they should be informed in advance of the event on how to proceed upon arrival. QR codes must be distributed and RFID wristbands can be pre-registered and distributed in advance for certain groups of attendees, like VIP's.

❗Test the full check-in process before going live

On site, test the check-in process in full, as an attendee, to make sure all aspects are taken care of.

👁️Make sure the check-in area is clearly visible on location

It should be clear to attendees where to check-in and where to pick up any wristbands, badges or other necessities.

💻Make sure you have enough check-in stations (with computer and scanner set up) to avoid long queues

The solution handles almost unlimited check-ins per minute, however people cannot move and work at unlimited speed and things may take longer than expected. Take this into consideration when deciding on the amount of stations to set up to avoid queues.

👥Have enough people on site

Execution of an event is highly exciting, though requires service-minded people who can handle many and unforeseen scenarios. Make sure you have experienced staff who have full knowledge of the event and the check-in process.

🙋Have a help desk on site

Unforeseen scenarios may occur and questions you haven't thought of may be asked. Have knowledgeable staff available at all times to handle these situations.

📜Have routines in place for all attendee scenarios

  • If a new attendee shows up and should be allowed to enter the event, he/she must be registered as an attending participant in Qondor and with the correct access restriction (if any).

  • If a registered attendee should attend an activity he/she does not have access to, information on the attendee must be changed in Qondor so access is given.

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