We release improvements and new features continuously and it can be hard to keep up. Don't worry, the most important changes are summarized below!


  • Search and find information faster with the new Project search

  • In case of emergencies, quickly identify affected customers and communicate with them to keep on top of the situations

  • Pay as you go SMS option

  • Register new customers directly in Project Settings when creating a new project:

  • Edit or change a customer directly from Project details:

Use your keyboard to navigate quicker and save your arm!

  • Move between tabs in for example Project settings, Products and Form settings with Alt + arrow left or right. When switching tabs the marker will always focus the first field so you can start typing at once. Remember that you can also use Alt + S to save a page.

Reuse images everywhere and find good images faster

  • All images you upload in an offer or on a form can be reused in programs by searching for images in existing projects and vice versa, as long as the image is big enough.

Notification if you send emails to wrong addresses

  • You will be notified by email if an email sent from Qondor cannot be received because the address is wrong.


  • Effortlessly reuse content for a faster and more quality assuring sales process with Product search


New Form front page

  • Create great looking front pages, event sites or landing sites as shown below with the new Form front page builder. 

On-site check-in, badge printing and vouchers

  • Participants can use a RFID chip (e.g. a wristband) to check-in at an event, see short video below!

  • Use check-in vouchers to manage for example drinks at the bar after dinner.

  • Read more about these options here!

Using participant payments has never been easier

  • Bookers must register a private or company address and it is easier to register a correct address. See example below.

  • Only bookers needing to pay something are exposed to payment options.

Get an overview of participants declining form invitations

  • Participants can regret their decline on the "No thank you page" immediately, and proceed to register instead. Tracking who declines invitations can be done with lists and is valuable to your customers.

We hope your everyday is better with these Qondor improvements and look forward to giving you more in the future!

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