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Collect Program feedback

Enable feedback on program activities for instant event evaluation and get an overview in Program reports

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With Program feedback, you can engage participants and allow them to rate and share their feedback on program activities. You can also get an overview of all participants' responses in Program reports. Use this feedback to gain an understanding of the overall performance of the event and improve future events.


  1. To enable Program feedback you need to set the authentication method to "per user login" or "per user phone" in Program setting. Head to Program --> Settings.

2. After selecting an authentication method you need to map each participant to a program in Participants.Β 

You can do this manually, by going into the Participant module --> to each participant and selecting the relevant program from the dropdown list as shown below.

πŸ’‘ TIP 1: Use bulk assign when you have a lot of participants

If you have a lot of participants you can bulk assign a program to each participant at once. This can only be used with 'per user phone' authentication.

To bulk assign:

  1. Select the participants you want to assign the program to.

  2. Then hit 'bulk edit'

  3. Select the program you want to assign the participants to and save (as shown below). πŸ‘‡

πŸ’‘ TIP 2: You can conveniently view the participants that are assigned to a program or not assigned by using the Program filter in the Participant module.

3. In Program -> Files & Feedback you need to set your feedback questions.

4. Click "add question", type in your question and select whether you want to collect answers in either a star rating format or allow the recipient to type comments. Click save.

5. Go to the relevant Program and select which activities you want to enable feedback on. The option is at the bottom. Check "Enable feedback" when editing the activity and click save.


Here's an example of a program with both star rating and a text field for comments. πŸ‘‡


When participants have provided their responses, you'll likely want to get an overview of these responses.

  1. Go to Program --> Reports

  2. Select the program for which you want to view the reports or select the checkbox to the left of the column "Name" in order to view reports for all programs.

  3. Click show reports to view the report in Qondor. Click download star rating report for a report with star ratings, if you have only enabled ratings. Click download complete feedback report to get an Excel report with both star ratings and comments if you enabled comments or both.

πŸ’‘ TIP: If you want to download or view reports for only one program, simply use the icons in the relevant program row. πŸ‘‡

Example of star ratings overview in Qondor πŸ‘‡

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