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Encourage participants to update their bookings to ensure timely updates
Encourage participants to update their bookings to ensure timely updates

Enable quick booking modifications to keep participant information up-to-date.

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Keeping participant information current is crucial for the effective planning and execution of events. Project Managers play a vital role in this process by ensuring that participants can update their bookings easily.

Bookers may need to update their registrations to add additional participants or modify products like activities and accommodation details. At times, Project Managers may also update the registration form by introducing new steps or products, requiring bookers to revisit and adjust their bookings accordingly. The ability of Project Managers to facilitate these changes smoothly is key to ensuring that information remains accurate and reflects the latest event details.


Project Managers can reach out to participants via email or SMS to provide instructions on how to update bookings. To enable participants to make these changes, the "Allow changes by booker" setting must be activated from Form builder.

Setting a deadline for when changes can be made gives Project Managers better control over potential adjustments. For the booker, this means any changes must be completed within the set timeframe. Read our step by step guide on how to edit bookings here.


Utilize tasks with notifications to remind yourself when it’s time to prompt bookers to update their registration. This is particularly useful if you've made changes to the registration form, such as adding new activities, and need bookers to update their selections accordingly.

If you require all participants to update their forms by a specific date, setting a reminder for yourself a few days before the deadline can help ensure compliance. On the day a task is due, you will receive an email early in the morning listing the tasks that need to be completed that day. Please note that emails are not sent for tasks that are already overdue. Read more about how to set up tasks with reminders here.


To remind bookers about updating their registration, consider sending notifications via email or SMS. This direct communication can be a prompt for them to check and modify their registration as needed.

Sending an SMS reminder is an effective way to quickly reach out to participants, especially when updates to the registration are urgent. If the situation is not as time-critical, or if you prefer more detailed communication, an email reminder is a good alternative. In an email, you have the opportunity to include a more comprehensive step-by-step guide on how participants can update their bookings, as the format allows for more text than an SMS.

How to send an SMS or email reminder

From the Participants module:

  1. Filter and select participants

    Use the filters to select participants you need to send a reminder to and check the names of the participants you want to send an email or SMS to.

  2. Compose the message

    Click on the SMS or email option. Write your message, ensuring to include the [Booking.LoginUrl] so participants can directly access and edit their booking. It's also beneficial to include the merge tag [Form.DeadlineForChangesByBooker] to clearly communicate the deadline for changes.

    Example of an SMS reminder

  3. Send the SMS or email

    Dispatch the message to the selected recipients.

Instructions for Participants

Here's a suggestion on how you can instruct participants to update their booking:

1. Accessing the booking

Click the link "Click here to view/edit your registration". This will display a page with all your booking details, including choices made such as e.g. accommodation details and selected activities.

2.Making changes

Click the "Change" button to modify your booking or review it. This action will take you to the start of the form. An overview on the right side will show the choices you have made.

Click "Next" to navigate through each page of the form and make any desired changes.

3.Confirming changes

At the last step of the form, click "Confirm" to save your changes.

4.Cancelling changes

If you change your mind, click "Click here to cancel the change". This will undo all new changes and revert the booking to its original state.

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