Office administrators can now define a web link to your company's website in Office settings -> Customer Web:

On all your Customer Webs, this address will be opened in a new tab when clicking on your office name in the page footer:

Note that there will not be any link there unless an Office admin adds it in your Office settings.

Invitation to a registration form

  • If an invited participant clicks on the "No thank you/Decline" link in an invitation email by mistake, he will now be able to register after all. A link to register is available on the "No thank you" page the participant sees when clicking on the no thank you link:

Below you can see how to insert a "No thank you link" in an invitation, to track those who do not want to attend directly in Qondor:

Want to know more about invitations from Qondor? Click here!

  • It is no longer possible to send an invitation to a form that is not published, to avoid situations where you have forgotten to publish the form before sending the invitation.

Minor improvements and bug fixes

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