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RFID (Wristband) Check-in with a computer and scanner
RFID (Wristband) Check-in with a computer and scanner
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With Qondor Check-in you are able to use RFID wristbands to administer your attendees' access to your event. You can also use the wristband to give each attendee vouchers, for example in a bar or restaurant.

*RFID: The wristband price requires a minimum order of 500 pcs. If you require less than 500 pcs please contact us for a quote. Wristbands order must be placed minimum 6 weeks in advance.

โ€‹The Qondor RFID Scanner and a branded wristband with an integrated chip:

Qondor Check-in software running while a participant is being scanned:

โ€‹Live demo of wristband (RFID) check-in speed in real time:

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