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2FA via authenticator app
How to enable 2FA via authenticator app for your users
How to enable 2FA via authenticator app for your users

This article describes how you as an Super administrator can set up 2FA via authenticator app for your users.

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Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security to your users accounts by asking for two types of verification. Each time they log in they will need to enter their password and provide a unique code. This powerful method reduces the chances of unauthorized access, protects against password-related issues, and strengthens defenses against phishing attacks. By using 2FA, you can significantly improve your online security and better protect your personal and financial data.


Verify the default 2FA method for the Office

In Office settings, in the General tab, under Miscellaneous, you can find the setting for "Default 2FA method". We recommend setting this to "Authenticator app". This way, all new users will have this setting as the the default. This setting does not affect existing users.

Select 2FA via authenticator app on the user

When creating a new, or editing an existing user, you as a Super Administrator or higher will have to option to define which 2FA method should be enforced for the user. The selected method will be enforced the next time the user logs in.

When Office administrators create new users, the office default will be used. They do not have the option to alter the 2FA setting.


On the Users page, you can review the 2FA method used by all users in your Qondor environment.


If a user has lost access to their 2FA authenticator app, you as a Super Administrator can reset the 2FA setup when editing the user. Clicking "Reset 2FA" will require the user to setup 2FA via authenticator app the next time they're logging in.

❗NB: Remember to delete previous Qondor 2FA entries on the users devices when resetting.

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