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Failed emails due to wrong addresses
Failed emails due to wrong addresses

How Qondor treats emails with wrong recipient addresses

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"99 % of failed (bounced) emails have a wrong recipient address. Your sender email address set in Qondor receives an email notification if an email message cannot be received because the address is wrong.

For example, if I send an offer to a customer or a message to a participant from to an email address that doesn't exist, I as the sender will receive an email from Qondor with subject "Bounced + subject of the failed email", stating why the email failed. If a booker registers on a form with an email address that doesn't exist, the sender address will also receive a notification.

Please note that we can only report on messages that we know cannot be received. You will not be notified of messages ending up in a spam, junk or clutter.

Hope this will help you follow up where needed!
​P.S.: If you want more information about the various types of bounced email, we recommend this article from MailChimp.

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