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Release notes, 26 January 2023
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New context toolbar with Bold, Italic, Underline and add Link options to text.

A context toolbar will now appear when you highlight text. This allows you to make the text Bold, Italic, Underlined or add a Link over the text.


This makes it quicker to edit the relevant text and highlight important details.

Select whether a link should be opened in the current window or a new window

In addition, if you add a link to text you can now choose whether it should be opened in the current window or a new window. Current window is selected by default.


You have more control over your customer or participant's experience. For instance, you may want to link to an external website (e.g. hotel site) and want this to open in a new window, so that a process such as filling out a form is not interrupted. Whereas you may want internal links to open in the same window.


Project managers must choose whether or not to "Send confirmation email to the booker"

"Send confirmation email to the booker" was previously a checkbox "don't send confirmation email to the booker" - it is available when a Project manager is registering or updating a booking. The feature is now a radio button choice. This means the Project manager has to make a choice before they can confirm the booking. Previously, this option was a checkbox and by default was unchecked to automatically send booking confirmation emails.


The button has been implemented to prevent mistakes where the Project manager may be registering or updating a booking and does not want to send a confirmation email. However, they may have forgotten to check the previous "do not send confirmation to booker" checkbox, meaning the booker received a confirmation email when it was unintended.

"Go to summary" button is always visible

The "Go to summary" button is now included in the floating button section.


Previously, if you had a long form step, and wanted to skip to the summary page, you'd have to scroll to the bottom to do so. Now, it is quicker to go directly to the summary page.

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