What's changed?

When sending an email to a booker, the Project manager is able to use merge tags. Merge tags are email fields/labels which enable Qondor to automatically fill in participant and booking information in the email. These merge tags have now been organised under a Merge tags dropdown menu. More merge tags have also also been added such as participant email and phone number, along with customer, office and project information such as project start date. This is useful when using templates.

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Merge tags allows the Project manager to standardise and personalise emails to the booker and include necessary information. Organising this under a dropdown menu makes it easier for the Project manager to see and find relevant merge tags. With more options, the more the Project manager can include without having to manually fill in this information.


What's changed?

If name reporting is disabled on a product, products will be listed on the booker in a dynamic list of participants.

❔ Disable name reporting

Bookers will be able to select more than one quantity of the product. Project managers can define the maximum bookable quantity; if this field is left empty, then the maximum bookable quantity will be equal to the number of participants within the booking. This is useful if the booker is not only booking for themselves as they can book more than one quantity and not need to report a name for each selection of the same product.)

Disable name reporting on a product can be found under the Form config tab:


Previously, if "disable name reporting " was selected, then the booked products would not be listed in a dynamic list of participants. It is important for Project managers to have an overview of all products booked even if name reporting is disabled.

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