After what has been a very challenging year, we understand you may not have had the opportunity to keep up with the new Qondor updates. That's why we've compiled Qondor's best updates below, ranging from January 2021 - June 2021 to get you up to speed.

The Qondor product and development team have been working hard to make sure Qondor continues to fulfil your needs and to get you back in competitive action for when the market returns. This Best Updates edition includes merge tags to standardise and personalise your offers and forms, and the possibility to add videos from YouTube and Vimeo for more engaging and interactive offers and landing pages; an easier way to add Tasks along with a new New Project page to make it easier and speedier to create and register projects and more. 🙌



  1. Create projects

  2. Project search

  3. Templates

  4. Tasks



  1. Form admin

  2. Participant web

  3. Multi booking







  • Your New Project Page has been improved, making it easier and speedier for Project managers to create and register projects. Check out this article for details on how to use the new new project page. This update is not available for offices/companies using Antares.

  • A New project button has been added inside a customer profile. Clicking this button will send Project managers to the new project page with the relevant customer pre-selected for easier creation of projects.


  • A copy icon has been added in Project search in a project row, to enable a smart shortcut to copying a project or using a template.

  • Filter on templates making it much easier to search for project templates.

  • Filter on Teams when searching for projects to quickly find all projects connected to a team.

  • Search for projects with suppliers in Project Search to easily identify which projects a specific supplier has been used on.


  • In project templates, some fields are no longer mandatory or need to be completed when creating the template, as this information is likely to vary for new projects. Find out which fields here.

  • The retention policy is copied from a template, when new projects are copied from templates.

  • Internal remark and Tasks with the status "To do" will be copied from the template to the new project.

Not using Project templates yet? Create templates to standardise your offers and save time! Read more about Project templates here.


  • Tasks now appear in a slide in window for a consistent experience across Qondor, a more modern look and an easier way to add tasks in Qondor.

  • Tasks completed more than 14 days ago will no longer disappear from a project and instead will be archived which the Project manager can then access. Read more here.


  • Your current offers were migrated to the new version of Mobile friendly Offers, meaning your customers can now view and respond to offers on their preferred device - mobile, tablet or desktop.

  • Merge tags have been added in Offers; this allows for specific details to be automatically filled in and standardise your offers! Learn more about merge tags.

  • Learn how to add videos from YouTube and Vimeo for more engaging and interactive offers.

  • The send offer dialog now contains an option to create a task to follow up on the offer that is being sent. Checking the checkbox for Create reminder task with due date will ensure a follow up task is automatically created once the offer is sent.



  • The Participant web menu with form views were removed so that Form views can be easily accessed via the main Form builder page. ❕ Please note these changes to terms and how to access Form views.

  • The Bookings and Allotment overview has moved to the Form menu. This allows Project managers to find all related form features under one menu.

  • The "texts" tab found in Form settings, which includes defining texts for the final form steps: Summary, Payment and Thank you page has been moved to Form builder, to allow you to update directly from here.

  • Form merge tags used in email communications to bookers have been organised under a drop down menu and more merge tags have been added, such as participant email and phone number, along with customer, office and project information such as project start date. This is great for Project templates.
    A merge tag is a field/label used to collate information and allow specific details to be automatically filled in.

  • If a Project manager sets a form element or a participant custom field to mandatory, a "M" icon will be visible in form builder to indicate that it is mandatory to answer. This makes it easier to identify which products have been set to "mandatory" at first glance, providing a better overview when building and administrating a form.


  • Add videos from YouTube or Vimeo to form front pages for engaging landing pages! Learn how here.

  • A "hide home button" feature has been added to Form settings --> Design tab to allow you to define your own menu by using menu items.

  • Qondor forms has received small design updates to improve the look of your forms. Check out any of your forms now! You'll notice curved boxes for a softer touch and a cleaner, more modern look thanks to the elimination of the line separators.

  • Choose whether the "Non-refundable" text on Form products including prices should be displayed in your Forms. The non-refundable text will be hidden by default, unless you choose to display this.

  • The details section for a product will be hidden from the summary step on forms, if it doesn't contain any specification and the booking is a single booking making it easier for bookers/participants to understand what they have booked, and only see the information they need to.

  • The email field has been added to Booker fields (found under Personal details). to make email optional to include in your form, allowing bookers to complete a booking without having to register an email.


All products for participants in the same category will be automatically selected if the number of participants in the same category is the same as the number of booked products in the category. Read more about multi booking here.


  • Products with "name reporting disabled" will now be listed on the booker in a Dynamic list of participants, giving Project managers an overview of booked products.

  • In a Dynamic list of bookings, both available forms of payment and used form of payment columns are now available, allowing you to see clearly and filter on the form of payment used by the booker.


  • A new Office setting has been added to define pre-selected recipients for receipt of booking/customer invoice specifications under the Email tab --> Invoice specifications - default recipients.

  • The actions buttons: "save (and next), cancel, skip" in Invoicing have been added to the top of the page making it easy for Project managers to quickly save invoices, to speed up the invoicing process, especially useful where there are several invoice specifications.


INSIGHTS - only available for users with Office or Super admin access point.

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