If you as a company have repeating customers (businesses or private persons) who receive several offers and agree several contracts with you through Qondor's Offer module, this is for you.

Customer contact persons might want an overview of all their offers and contracts in one place, as they receive a link to each project individually for viewing and approval.

Qondor therefore offers a Project list, displaying all Pending, Confirmed and Finished projects that the logged in customer contact person is registered on.

Enable customer contact persons with this overview by:

  1. Activating the setting "Display finished projects on Customer Web" in Office settings - Customer Web tab - Miscellaneous

  2. Instructing your customer contact persons to navigate "Back" on any Customer Web they receive a link to, so they will be directed to their Project list.

From the Project list, they can access Customer Webs on Pending, Confirmed and Finished projects they are registered on, including any published offers on these projects.

If the term "Your projects" does not suit your customer base, it can be changed for your office in Office settings -- > Translations, so that the title is more relevant. For example, Your events, Your bookings, etc.

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