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Participant custom fields: internal name
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You can use a Participant custom fields' Internal name to collect booker data through a query parameter. In my example below, the Participant custom field Website has the following settings:
- Published to No one
- Not displayed on booking confirmation

By clicking the the <> button marked with a red arrow above, I am able to set an internal name for the field. I set it to booker_origin:

Using the the Form shortlink url:

I add the internal name "booker_origin" using the query parameter "pcf_booker_origin"

An example using "myWebsite" as the value:

Any booker using the link above will have the value "myWebsite" set as an answer to the Custom participant field "Website:"

Above you can an example of the Participant custom field in a Booking.

It can also be reported on through a Dynamic list of Participants or through our API's.

⭐ Good to know:

  • Supported field types

    • Text field, drop-down field, date field, multiple choice field (limited to one answer)

  • If you're sending in a date field, the following formats are accepted:

    • '2020-01-01' or '01Jan20'

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