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Best practices for displaying video content
Best practices for displaying video content

Follow these best practices to display videos to inform, engage and attract customers and participants

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If a picture says more than a thousand words, you can only imagine what a video does! Upload videos in Qondor to use, or embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo in your offers to clients or on landing pages to make them more engaging and stand out.

This article outlines a few considerations and best practices to help you get the best out of your video content, whether that's video content you own or videos you want to share that have been uploaded by a third party.

1. What is the purpose of your video?

Consider why you are uploading a video and whether it fits the purpose of your sale.

Do you want to provide your audience with a taste for a destination? Do you want your audience to watch the video as a source of information? Do you want to provide an opportunity for your audience to conveniently view a live stream without leaving your page?

Knowing the answer to this will ensure that you select the best and suitable video to ensure that your video is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also creates value and generates conversions.

2. Using content that is not your own

I want to use content uploaded by others on YouTube or Vimeo

How to include videos from Youtube and Vimeo:

Which videos can I use?

3. Embedding links to Livestream in your offer or landing/form front page

This works in the same way as uploading any other video from YouTube and Vimeo:

Livestreaming resources:

4. Presentation and layout of video content

  • We strongly recommend hiding the heading when displaying a video so that the video appears in full width and is presented in the best possible way.* (Hide heading is only available on Offer.)

  • We recommend using only one video per offer so as not to inundate the offer.

  • You may want to use more than one video on the form frontpage/landing page, as this is a different layout, so one video can appear quite large, overpowering the sign up button, whereas having 2-3 videos alongside each other can make them display smaller.

  • Video can be used in place of text and images for a more interactive and engaging experience.

  • In an Offer: including a video at the top of the offer is a great place to create an impactful introduction to the offer and what you are selling.

*The video will not be displayed on the Offer confirmation PDF, but the heading will, so remember to hide the heading as this is will not be relevant for the offer confirmation and may confuse customers. Videos used in Qondor is intended as informative videos and is not signed by the customer, for example the purchase of a hotel or meeting room.

5. Notes on copyright for YouTube and Vimeo

YouTube is often used to showcase videos in a network and include in advertising, while Vimeo is often used if you do not want to have recommended videos or similar.

Depending on the terms of the services, it may cost money to use these services, or they may be free to view ads. These services have their own terms and conditions, so please ensure you check these and use video material appropriately. Qondor enables the option to include videos from these sources and is not responsible for how these services work.

Youtube terms for embedding a YouTube video: "Embedding a YouTube video is legal, as long as the video being embedded is not an infringing video in itself." Source:

Helpful resources:

6. Playback of video for customers/participants

Viewing the video:

A Project manager has the option to set the video to autoplay for the viewer or loop (replays from the beginning when the video ends).

If neither of the above options are set, the viewer must click play to play the video.

ℹ️ It is not possible to timestamp the videos to start playback at a later time.

7. Tips for use of video

Form front pages with video can also be used to create inspiration pages or destination presentations.

Use this to link to multiple videos on the same page that you can share with customers. Here you can also include a signup link for the participant to register their interest.

Include a video greeting for an internal event

Include a video to engage and inform employees of an organisation about an upcoming internal event.

A short video from the Project manager to the customer - introduce yourself or explain briefly why the offer has been put together for a better, personal customer experience.

8. Tips for creating video

  • Vimeo has screen-recording support in Chrome as an extension, which allows you to record the screen to explain the offer, and then paste the link to the video afterwards into the offer. Vimeo Chrome extension.

Note: Qondor does not take responsibility for extensions in Chrome, and the user uses Chrome extensions at their own risk, even if Vimeo is considered a reliable provider of services.

  • Recording a personal greeting: try to film where there is natural lighting to get a clear shot; choose the right background, one that is tidy and not distracting; keep it brief to keep the customer's interest; speak directly to the camera; be your natural self...and smile!

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