We are launching brand new, mobile friendly Offers! Your current Offers will be updated to the new version on Monday 14th June, 2021.

❗ This article only applies to Qondor customers who have not migrated to the new Offer version.

This article explains what mobile friendly entails and outlines the benefits of the new version for your team and your customers; what changes to be aware of; which exciting, new features will be available and what you should prepare to ensure a smooth and successful migration to the new version of Offers.

πŸ‘€ Sneak peek available: See how your existing offers will look in the new version

Mobile friendly offers

Mobile friendly means that your offers are now suitable to be viewed on mobile as well as desktop or tablet! Offers are currently only designed to be viewed on desktop.


Mobile friendly offers ensures:

  • Customers will be able to conveniently view and respond to your offers on their preferred device (mobile, desktop, tablet) enabling you a wider reach;

  • Customers' purchasing experience will be excellent across all devices and your offer will always look good, increasing customer satisfaction;

  • You stand out from your competition with a more professional, compelling and accessible offer, and increase your likelihood of sales;

  • A seamless buyer journey.

New features πŸ“Ή

  • New media element allows you to add video from a YouTube or Vimeo source, as well as text.

  • The "maybe" response can either be deactivated per offer, if Project managers want to only provide customers with "yes" and "no" options or Superusers can deactivate this for the office in Office settings.

  • Hide the "excl. VAT" text on price tables from the header text. πŸ“Œ The VAT text is still included in invoice specifications.

  • Change "Your projects" title which displays at the top of the project list (customer contacts can see all their projects in this list). Superusers can edit this title in Office settings -- > Translations so that the title is relevant for your customer base. For example, your event, your proposal, etc.

  • Change the "Project number" term, for example to reference (which displays at the top left of the offer). Superusers can now define this term to suit their business/customer base in Office settings --> Translations.

  • A navigation button < Back has been added to lead customers to their Project list. A Project list is an overview of all projects the customer contact person has with you, allowing them to conveniently view these projects.

New look and feel


  • Merge tags have been added in every text editor in Offer allowing you greater flexibility in selecting the information most relevant to be inserted automatically. Where and when to use merge tags. (Merge tags can be used to standardise offers and are useful to include in project templates.)

  • More information about a product or group has been moved to a slide-in window. The new slide in windows have been introduced to reveal more information about the product in a way that keeps the offer relevant and easy to read πŸ‘‡

  • Improved and better design on answer buttons πŸ‘† along with rounded edges for sections for a softer, less boxy look.

  • "Send feedback to project manager" has been changed to "Feedback" and the new button can be found at the top of the product. The feedback dialog will appear in a slide window, when the Feedback button is clicked. This makes for a more compact and less distracting offer. Read more about Offer feedback here.

  • Improved design on inserted tables with rows being indicated with horizontal lines. This segments and presents information in tables more clearly. Previously, there were no lines to separate the rows. A scrollbar has also been added so if there are a lot of rows, the customer can scroll through to view the table and this makes the offer look neater and compact. Previously the whole table would show in the offer which took up a lot of space.

  • Menu items are placed under a menu icon on mobile devices. This is because mobile devices have a much smaller screensize than desktop and this is the most optimal way to provide access to menu items on mobile.


  • Merge tags can also be used to standardise terms and conditions per offer and include the relevant customer and project information automatically.

What's been removed and what's been improved?


What's changed/improved?

  • Applicable if an option date has been set: the term "option date" has been amended to the phrase "offer valid until" and this will be displayed in the offer.


Before After

  • If you have separate terms and conditions on a product, previously the option to download this file was "Download conditions" in customer web. This has now been changed to "Download *filename". πŸ“Œ Ensure that this file has a relevant name.

  • Previously you would have to navigate out of the offer and then in again to test it as a customer contact person, whereas now you can click on the eye icon to go straight to live mode.

  • Display of flight information (transport product) has changed πŸ‘‡

  • Display of hotel information (accommodation product) has changed πŸ‘‡




  • The date formats will change from ddmmyy to reflect the language (country) set in Project settings.

  • Offer valid until (previously "option date") and location has been moved above the Offer heading.

What's been removed?

  • Customer information is no longer displayed by default on the offer as its positioning was not optimal for mobile phone viewing. Merge tags can be used to display customer information.

πŸ“ŒNote: We have not removed the customer name in the Offer Confirmation PDF, as the conditions are sent as a separate document and some customer information is necessary to be included in the offer confirmation itself.

  • The Project manager's name will no longer show on the offer. This is because your customer already knows who the offer is coming from. Most Project managers will sign off emails with their name or choose to personalise Customer Web front page. πŸ’‘PRO TIP: Use Merge tags in Offer templates.

  • There is no longer a separate menu with a list of available offers, you have to return to the customer web front page to navigate to other offers in the project.

  • Only the "Accepted" and "Declined" statuses are visible on the Offer list. We have removed "Sent" and "Not Sent" as this does not make sense to users.

πŸ“Œ No changes have been made to Offer Confirmation Email, with associated PDFs or how this works.

See how your current offer will look in the new version πŸ‘€


1. Go to an existing offer and click preview.

2. In the search/url bar of the browser, click at the end of the url to place the mouse pointer there. Type in or copy and paste: &forceversion=2 at the end of the url.

3. Hit enter and this will reload the page and display your offer in the new version.


If you are using Google Chrome (recommended browser to gain the best experience of Qondor), then you will be able to easily generate a QR code for the offer, which you can then scan and open on your mobile.

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 above for desktop.

  2. Click anywhere on the searchbar/url bar.

  3. A QR code icon will appear to the right handside in the bar. Click this icon.

3. This will generate a QR code which will have appeared after clicking. Scan this code using the camera on your mobile.

4. A url will appear on your mobile phone, which you then click to open. Log in to view the offer on your phone.

If you are not using Google Chrome or are not able to access the QR code, then you can manually copy and send the link to yourself so that you may access the offer from your phone.

What should I do to prepare?

You will need to consider the following and make the necessary amendments only when you have received the new update.

Where to start:

If your office uses templates:

- Go through the project templates.

- Go through existing pending or confirmed offers.

If your office does not use templates:

- Go through existing pending or confirmed offers.

- If Project managers are copying projects from an older or finished project, they must remember to check if any of the below needs amending in the copied project.

1. Ensure the content of the offers is displayed in the way you intended.

The slight change in layout and presentation of content means that existing content may look misplaced and need amending.

Things to look out for:

  • The presentation of tables, (this is much clearer in the new Offer version).

  • Check how the text is wrapped around images both on the main page and slide-in window, and amend accordingly.

  • The font size is larger in the new version, so you will also want to check that the text looks good.

    We do not advise changing the font size, but instead you can adapt the text using line breaks (Shift+Enter), paragraphs (Enter), changing the images or text length. This applies mostly in offers using the image templates with text to the right or left. Check out this article for tips on editing text.

  • Text templates content, used for example, for describing text steps on Offer, or email signatures.

  • Template product descriptions.

2. Decide whether you want to display customer information on the offer

If you do not want to display customer information within the offer, then you can ignore this action step. However, if you do, you must decide where you want to display the customer information. We advise defining this beforehand to ensure all outgoing offers remain consistent in their layout. You can use Offer merge tags to do this.

3. Replace "send feedback to project manager" phrase in any text on offers, if you use and encourage the feedback option.

Remember, the function has now been amended to "feedback", so you'll want to make sure that customers know where to click to send feedback. Consider adding a screenshot of the new button alongside your text to make it easier for existing customers to adjust to the changes and for new customers to find.

πŸ’‘ Suggested text: You can share any feedback with me via the offer by clicking the feedback button.

πŸ’‘ Using Project templates results in more effective and quality assuring sales processes. With the new update coming soon, now is a great time to start using templates. Get started here.

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