More detailed Insights per customer

Changes to rules in Project templates


  1. It is now possible to filter directly on customers, using the Customers filter, in Insights which allows you to view more detailed insights for each customer. You can select to view numbers for one, multiple or all customers. ๐Ÿ‘‡

2. In addition, experience an easier way to navigate to Insights on a specific customer, from the Customers list. An insights icon will appear in the row for a customer. Clicking the icon will direct you to Insights with that customer automatically selected in the filter. ๐Ÿ‘‡



  • The ability to filter on a customer, provides you with insights you can then take action on to improve your sales and business.

  • Gain more detailed insights into customers' purchasing behaviour and needs.

  • You can filter on numbers per individual customer or brand/chain for a segmented view.

  • You get a better overview of how much each customer, chain or selected customers has spent in total.

  • Being able to access Insights directly from the Customer list makes it easier for you to access relevant figures for a customer.

  • Being able to deliver these insights to your customers will also give them insights into their own purchasing patterns and spend.

โ• Insights is only available for users with Office or Super admin access point.

Learn more about the reporting available on Customers in Insights.


  • Project custom fields are no longer mandatory

  • Project custom fields can be set to "Please choose" or blank

  • Project category field can be set to "Please choose"

  • Lead from field can be set to "Please choose"

  • Retention policy is copied from a template, when new projects are copied from templates


There are some fields on template projects that Project managers should complete in a new project, but do not make sense to have prefilled in the template project, as this information is likely to differ for new projects.


This saves time for the Superuser or Office admin when creating the template and also ensures that the Project manager is completing these fields when creating a new project.

Not using Project templates yet? Create templates to standardise your offers and save time! Read more about Project templates here.

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