Changes for Forms with payment

Several changes regarding payment and booker fields on form are introduced to solve the following known problems:

  1. Many bookers register wrong or insufficient billing address, meaning you need to follow up and correct before invoicing.

  2. Bookers with nothing to pay at all are exposed to payment address fields on the first form step (personal information), causing confusion and questions from customers and bookers.

No action needs to be taken in live forms, however there's a change in how billing address is registered and how the payment step is presented.

The following changes will apply to live forms with payment:

  • All bookers who're paying something at the time of booking or later will be sent to the payment step to register billing address. 

  • The payment step now has two pages; one where you define billing address and one where you select form of payment (looks like the existing payment step). The text you define in Form settings -> Texts for the payment step is displayed on both pages.

  • Bookers must choose whether the billing address is a private or company address. It's not possible to define that only one of these options are available, both are available on all forms.

  • If you select Private address, the following fields will be displayed: 

  •   If you select company address, the following fields will be displayed:

  • VAT number, invoice reference, organisation number and cost centre are optional, can be published from Form settings -> Payment and will only be displayed on the payment step when choosing address type "company". They are no longer published on the personal information step. Project managers for affected projects without payment have been informed. If you have projects with payment activated and these fields published, they are automatically published on the payment step for company address. 

  • For existing bookings registered before release, no address type is selected but all billing information is still saved on the booking. If someone accesses the payment step for an existing booking, address type must be selected to proceed to payment. Billing information already registered will be displayed when selecting private or company address.

  • Country is automatically selected based on Default country in Form settings. If no default country is defined, it is set based on the bookers' browser settings but can be changed manually if needed.

  • If no payment is due, the booker clicks confirm on the address page and the booking will be registered. If payment is due, the booker chooses form of payment and proceeds to credit card payment or an invoice specification will be generated (exactly the same as it currently works).

  • Payment fields no longer need to be published on the first form step, so bookers with nothing to pay at all will never see these fields if you unpublish them from Form -> Booker fields. This is good news for participant categories who're paid for by the customer (like VIPs, internal staff etc.)!

New features for payment

  • From now on you should always activate the payment step before the form goes live if you know you must collect payments now or in the future. If you don't, bookers won't be able to register their billing information.

  • If you don't want bookers to pay in full when booking, you can select "Delay payments" in Form settings -> Payment. You then decide whether deposit or final payment should be delayed.

  • If you want bookers to pay a deposit but later than the time of booking, you can set a "Delay payments until" date in Form Settings -> Payment. If you don't, deposit payments (if activated) will be generated at the time of booking.

  • Final payments will be generated at the time of booking if no deposit payments are activated or if payments are not delayed.

  • Booking invoice PDF and Credit card receipt will display payment fields based on whether the booker chooses company or private address.

  • Payment fields are also displayed on booking confirmation PDF and Booking details.

Changes in Form -> Booker fields:

  • Previously, the address fields were always published and mandatory when payment was activated. This logic is no longer there, so if payment is activated no Booker fields are automatically published on new forms.

  • You can publish the following Booking fields on the Personal information step without having payment on the form: Gender, Organization/Company, Phone, Address (line 1 and 2), Zip code, City and Country.

  • Any Booker fields with information registered on the personal information step will be autofilled on the payment step, where they can be changed if needed. Any changes here will also update the Booker fields on the personal information step.

  • If you want bookers to register their postal address (different from billing address) on forms where you have payment activated, you should create custom participant fields for this.

How can project managers change payment fields information on a booking if they are no longer published on the personal information step?

  • If registering a new booking using the View as admin link, you'll be sent to the Payment step to register billing information, but will never be sent to payment.

  • If registering a new booking using the View as booker link, the form will behave exactly like for actual bookers. You'll go through to the payment step and have to complete payment if it's due.

  • When generating an invoice specification in AdminWeb, the address can be changed when previewing the specification.

  • In Booking details in AdminWeb, there is a "Go to payment" (previously Pay now") button on bookings that need to pay now or in the future. Access this to change address type and billing information on the booking. You can choose to only change the information or proceed to payment on behalf of the booker if payment is due.

  • If payment fields on a booking are changed by anyone, the information will be updated both in Booking details, Participants and Lists. If a new Booking confirmation PDF is sent, it will include the updated information as well.

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