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Close more sales faster with Qondor
Close more sales faster with Qondor

Qondor lets you spend time on what matters

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Below is a list of challenges that companies may be facing without an effective platform in place and how Qondor can help overcome these. Qondor's digital proposal solution enables your team to effectively manage the whole sales process whilst freeing up time, so they can focus on the stages that matter most. If you identify with any of the below and want to know more about our solution, let us know.

Challenge: You spend a lot of time identifying suppliers, researching destinations, products and services to offer the perfect event to your customer.

Qondor solution:
You can easily add products, services, text templates, images and even a product portfolio to your Qondor. This can be for example preferred hotels, restaurants and activities per destination. So when building a proposal, you can easily see what's been offered before and thus be inspired. This can help you choose the right products and services for your customer's event.

Challenge: You spend too much valuable time presenting the different options and prices in a proposal to your customer.

Qondor solution:
Everything you've already offered or uploaded in Qondor can easily be reused in new proposals. When building your proposals you can search for and preview existing hotels, activities, meeting rooms, restaurants, services, images, texts and any other products and services you've added. By a click of a button they can be included in your new proposal; it looks good and it's easier to sell! Then you can calculate your selling prices directly in Qondor, present the prices as you wish either individually, grouped or packaged.

Challenge: You need to double check that you've added all the standard prices, services, terms & conditions you are supposed to include in proposals. 

Qondor solution:
Terms & conditions can be added automatically and standard products, services and information can easily be added together or be automatically included in all your proposals.

Challenge: You don't know if your customer has viewed the proposal yet so it makes it more difficult to know how and when to follow up.

Qondor solution:
Qondor displays the exact date and time when your customer last viewed the proposal. Then you know if it has been seen and you can follow up accordingly.

Challenge: You go several rounds communicating with your customer before the proposal can be accepted. If you're lucky and the customer accepts your proposal, you need to create a contract for them to sign or agree to, so additional work there too.

Qondor solution:
Because Qondor helps you create great looking proposals online, your customer can both view, comment, accept prices and terms & conditions all in one go! The customer receives an email including a PDF confirmation and any accepted terms & conditions. This serves as the contract as the customer identifies themselves when accessing the proposal.

Challenge: You forget some of your many tasks you need to do in any given project, such as following up with your customer at the right time in terms of option date.

Qondor solution:
You can set an option date for answering a proposal on all proposals so it's clearly communicated to the customers viewing them. You can also add tasks with due dates and be reminded on the correct day.

Challenge: It's hard to get a full overview of all the projects you're handling and their status, at any given time.

Qondor solution:
Every project in Qondor has a status reflecting where in the process the project is. A pending project is not yet accepted or declined by the customer, whereas when a customer accepts a proposal the status is automatically changed to confirmed. If you have several proposals in one project it's also easy to see which one is accepted. It's even easy to see who is travelling now and where. So on any day, you know which projects to focus on in terms of sales, invoicing, finalizing details and wrapping up.

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