How your company gets start with Qondor depends on your requirements and the size of your organisation. Thus, the onboarding timeline will differ depending on the above, however below is an estimated overview of the path to become successful with Qondor. Note that any integrations or customisations are not taken into consideration in this overview.

Within 1 week of signing up
Onboarding talk with customer owner and Superuser(s), agenda for discussion:

  • Qondor technical setup

  • Any integrations or customisations

  • Dates for Training and startup dates

  • Internal roles and responsibilities

  • Critical success factors and goals

  • User training 

Within 1 week of signing up
Basic Qondor office ready and access given, pending integrations and customisations
Training for superuser(s) scheduled

Within 2-3 weeks of signing up
Training sessions with superuser(s) completed

When Superusers are ready
Rollout and internal training for all users 

1 month after rollout
Retrospective/follow up 

3-6 months after rollout
Further training session(s) with superuser(s) completed

6 months after rollout
Retrospective/follow up, report on adoption and process, user statistics
Further training if needed

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