Easier to find projects to copy

You can now search by project number or project name when creating a new project by copying an existing one. Start typing and search results will show in a drop-down list (same as when searching for a customer). This makes it much quicker to find the correct project you want to copy!

Easier to edit a customer

In Project Details you can now edit a customer by clicking on the Edit icon, meaning you do not have to go looking for the customer page elsewhere to do so.

  • If you do not upload a logo on your programs, your company logo will be displayed. Before, no logo at all was displayed. This applies to new programs created after the update.

  • If you have existing programs with a logo, nothing will change :)

  • You may replace your company logo with another image like your customer's logo.

  • You have the option to hide the logo in case you do not want your company logo or another logo on the program. Note that logo is not visible on mobile versions of the program, this is due to layout issues.

  • Logo on program can be found under Program settings -> Design.

Hope you enjoy the updates. Let us know if you have any questions!

All the best from us @ Qondor :)

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