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Participant profile

Use participant profiles to view attendees from previous projects and add remarks on them

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Participant profiles provides Project managers with the ability to view which previous projects a participant has attended. This allows for more customised implementation during a project. Project managers/organisers can also send invitations based on this information to reach a more suitable audience for future projects.

Participants are linked to their email address as this is unique.



πŸ‘ To go to a participant's profile, click on the profile icon in front of a participant's email address.

Project managers can view the participant's booking reference, and projects they are linked to as well as access the booking and project from here. Details such as the participant's name and status and the type of booking (single or multi) are also visible along with any remarks about the participant.

πŸ“ Project managers can add and save remarks to a profile within the Participant profile (this may include a preference or other important information worth noting about the participant).

πŸ“— If the profile icon is green in the Participants overview on a project, this indicates that the profile (email) contains a remark. ‡

πŸ’‘ You can also use the "Remarks" filter to only show participants with a remark. Select "yes" to show all profiles with remarks, and "no" to show all profiles without remarks. ‡

​A participant profile ‡


Contact if you would like to activate Participant profiles for your office.
πŸ“Œ QE can enable participant profile in Office settings -> General


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