Faster registration of new customers and contact persons

  • It is now easier to register new customers directly in Project Settings! If you cannot find the correct company/organization for your project, simply click "Add customer" (see example below), register the new customer, press save and voila; the new customer is automatically added to your project!

  • When you register new customer contact persons, the phone country code is automatically set to your country. It can be changed if needed.

  • You are now able to register two phone numbers on customer contact persons.

  • When you add the first contact person to the project, it is automatically set as the main contact person.

New design om required fields and settings in Admin Web

  • See example from "Number of persons" in Project Settings above. The red mark disappears when you have entered required information/setting.

Improved security and privacy on Lists

  • We have made some measures to ensure lists do not end up in the wrong hands. Among other things, all new lists created from January 24th onwards will automatically be available to logged in project managers only. If you want to send the list link/url to others like customers and suppliers, you may deactivate this settings:

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