2020 has been an unusual and difficult year, but we have all fingers crossed for a springback after the quiet summer period. We have continued to keep improving Qondor, so incase you've missed it, here's a summary of our most useful updates so far. It includes more timesaving improvements; better, intuitive design in Form builder; a wow feature to make your offers stand out; several improvements to the Suppliers module and the option to report on real numbers on cancelled projects - particularly useful for projects affected by Covid-19.


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💡 I recommend glancing over all improvements to ensure you are getting the best use out of Qondor!


  • Project terms in Qondor were changed to suit more scenarios and ensure a better understanding of what they mean. (Destination --> Location, Travelling --> Ongoing, Returned --> To be Finalised). Read about Project statuses here.

  • When copying a project, the project start date and end date will not be copied, prompting Project managers to complete the necessary empty fields for the new project so that it is not missed.

  • Due to the large effect of the Covid-19 crisis, it became paramount to be able to report on real numbers on cancelled projects. When a Project manager sets a project to "cancelled", they will be able to set real values (sales and revenue) if any earnings have been made on the project. This makes it easier for companies to determine how much revenue has been lost or earnt due to Covid-19 and other reasons. (If you require a report which is more specific to your company, please contact us at support@qondor.com where we can discuss your needs for reporting further.)



Being able to showcase up to six images using the new image slider was one of the first updates we welcomed in 2020. This was definitely a favourite on our list as it really made a difference to the visuality of offers created in 2020 and provided an easier way for Project managers to present products and offerings at their best.


  • Reuse offer products with foreign currencies on in-prices in new offers. We changed this for Project managers who use different currencies in offers, to prevent spending unnecessary time selecting the correct currency for the input price after copying. Project managers can also get a quick overview of cost prices when building offers, providing a guideline for prices. Learn how to reuse previously created products in new offers to work more effectively.

  • Duplicated offer products inherit their original status (published or unpublished). If you duplicate a product with "published" status, the duplicated product will be automatically published. If it is "unpublished", the duplicated product will be "unpublished".


  • We love keyboard shortcuts, they make working everyday so much quicker! Hit Esc to quickly cancel changes in Offer admin.

  • Sticky headings were enabled in Offer admin, meaning that column headings will always remain visible when scrolling through an offer, no matter how many products there are.

  • Customer web frontpage can now be easily accessed directly via Offer admin.


  • Form builder received an update for easier form building for Project managers.

  1. New icons were introduced to add product elements in one click rather than two.

  2. Additional options on a standard product for "Override quantity questions" and "Single booker must provide answer" only appears if you need to use these options, so Project managers only see what is relevant to them.

  3. The reorganisation of settings helped to ensure a more intuitive flow to building form content.

  4. 'Hide' and 'override product heading' buttons are easier to find.

  • Ability to keep participant categories hidden from bookers in a form using the "no, invitation only" setting was developed. The category will not be visible to the booker at all, neither via the form or in their booking confirmation pdf. The Project manager will need to predefine the booker's category and the booker will not be able to amend this themself. This prevents any possible confusion and additional work for the Project manager when working with participant categories.

  • When copying a project with a form, Form settings will now copy all settings and information as it makes sense for pre-filled information to be copied over to the new project. Date fields will not be copied as these are likely to differ.

Not copied:

Deadline & booking types tab
Deadline for registration:
Deadline for anonymous registration:
Deadline for change:

Payment tab
Delay payments until:
Delay remaining payments until:


It is now possible to register multiple prices using the same VAT article on one product.

Following the improved design in Form builder, the menu items page in Admin web was also updated in the same way, with new intuitive and user friendly icons.


It is now possible to send an email with an invoice pdf when crediting an existing customer invoice specification.

Credit an offer invoice specification

Credit a customer form invoice specification


The ability to filter on multiple teams at once in Insights was added for organisations using Teams in Qondor, allowing for more control over the data that Office admins want to see for their teams.


For organisations that have more than one office, the same products can now be reused by Project managers from all offices if they originally belong to a template project. Search filters have been added to Product search (search and copy) so that Project managers can choose to search for template products within their own office or among all offices.

This is extremely useful and another firm favourite, as it enables standardisation of template products across offices, saves time and resources by only having to update the template product in one place and allows organisations to use a single office as a template for offer products. Read more about this update here.


The Suppliers module is one of our latest developed modules. We recommend getting this set up for efficient handling of your suppliers in one place.

  • We made it possible for Super admins to make suppliers, the supplier contact and supplier categories available globally (for use across offices). This is beneficial for organisations that have more than one office, making it easier for these companies to define and administer a global supplier database and have a more standardised way of working. View the full update on this improvement here.

  • An email address can be added to supplier profiles, so that Qondor users can store a general email address (such as a company email) for the supplier and don't need to add a contact person.

  • Only Office and Super admins have access to your supplier database, to ensure a level of control and define which suppliers Project managers should be using. Project managers will still be able to continue working with suppliers in projects, but they will not be able to edit a supplier.

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