If your company has more than one office in Qondor, then we have great news for you - the same products can now be used by Project managers from all offices if they originally belong to a template project.

When a Project manager uses Product search (search and copy) in an offer to reuse products, they could previously only search within their own office. Search filters have now been added so that they can choose to search within their own office or for template products among all offices.

The following search filters have been added to Product search above the "Project" search bar:

  • Search: all - This is the default search filter and will search for all projects within the Project manager’s office as well as template projects across all offices.

  • Search: template projects - This will search for template projects in the Project manager’s office.

  • Search: template projects in all offices - This will search for template projects in all offices.


Standardise template products across offices

If your company uses more than one office for different points of sales, regions or brands, it could be likely that the same template products need to be offered. Instead of recreating the same product in each office, the product can be created in just the one office ready for Project managers to use and amend in their own projects if needed.

Save time and resources by only having to update the template product in one place

If you are using the same template product among different offices, you would have to go into each office to update any changes, such as the price, description, etc. Now you only need to update the one product and all Project managers will be able to use the updated product.

Use an office as a template for offer products

This is handy if your company has several offices and you use a lot of template products. Setting up one separate office to build, maintain and store template products will make it easier to administer these products.


Copying products works the same as before, however there are some new rules to take note of:

Mapping foreign currencies and/or VAT articles

If any products the Project manager is copying have different foreign in-price or different VAT articles than in the offer they are being copied into, the Project manager must define correct exchange rates for the offer and match any VAT articles for the products. The foreign currency will then be automatically added to your offer.

If the offer already has the same foreign currency then it will match it automatically.
If the office that the products are being copied into have the same VAT articles as the office the products are copied from, Qondor automatically matches them. For this to work, the VAT articles must have the same article number, name, VAT percentage and mode.

Existing default margins apply

If products with a default margin already set are copied from a template into a project, then the products will be copied with that margin. Prices will not be updated based on the default margin in the offer the products are copied into.

Products with global suppliers

If products have a global supplier, this will be included in the copy and the supplier will also be added to the project. This is only possible if "enable supplier on products" is activated on the current office (enabled in Office settings).

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