Project Settings are now organized in tabs

  • Project Settings are now organized in tabs instead of in a long page. The most important settings (including quantity/number of persons) can be found in the first tab; "Project info".

  • Budget and Real hours are removed as they were not really in use and served very limited purpose. If you want information registered in these fields, please contact us at

  • The "Office defaults" setting is removed as it was difficult to understand, but standard settings on your office are still in place and can be changed in Project Settings if needed.

  • If your office does not want to use Project categories or Leads from anymore, they can all be deleted by an Office admin and will no longer be visible in Project Settings (as seen in the example above).

Home page

  • "Add new" on your home page is now called "New project" to make it more understandable.


  • If no offers in your project have a destination or an option date, these fields are not visible on Customer Web frontpage or in the actual offers, as it is confusing when they are empty.

  • The login page now looks good on all devices, including mobiles and tablets.


  • The "Address" field on the Personal information step is now split into smaller "Invoice address 1" and "Invoice address 2" text fields, to avoid registration of too much and irrelevant information in the Address-field. If you have payment enabled, Invoice address 1 is mandatory. All information registered in the old Address field will be moved to the "Invoice address 1" field.

  • You can now change invoice recipient directly in Customer Form Invoicing preview, like you already can in Customer Offer Invoicing.


  • You may now create your own check-in points in Participant -> Check-in points after contacting us to enable check-in on your project. All attending participants will then be able to check in either manually or with a QR-code you can distribute from Qondor by email or SMS. The link to the actual check-in page can be found in the Check-in points menu. 

  • You can enable additional access control on each check-in point by selecting products that attending participants must have in their booking in order to check in.

  • For more information on Qondor check-in, see this presentation

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