Now, you can search for and copy previously used products with foreign currencies on in-prices into new offers. 🎉

This means that you can reuse the same products with the same prices, saving time when building offers!

We changed this to help Project managers who were using different currencies in offers, as now you do not need to spend unnecessary time selecting the correct currency for the input price after copying. Qondor does this for you! In addition, if you want to get a quick overview of cost prices when building offers, you will be able to use these prices as a guideline.

Here's how it works:

If you add a product that has a foreign currency, a dialog with "define currencies for products" will appear where you can set the exchange rate. 

If you add a new product with a new foreign currency, Qondor will automatically add currency and exchange rate to Offer settings, based on what you enter in the "define currencies for products" dialog.

If your offer already has the exchange rate for this currency set in Offer settings, the dialog will not appear. The product will simply be copied into your current offer, and the product's price will be automatically updated based on the exchange rate you have set.

Learn more about using foreign currencies and margins here.

Learn more about Product search to reuse previously created products in new offers to work more effectively.


Recently, Form builder received a new look and now the Menu items page has been updated in the same way to provide a consistent and cleaner layout across Qondor. The new icons not only give the page a modern touch but is also more intuitive and user friendly. 

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