The Qondor team really wanted to ensure a better working day for all our users, empower users and allow them access to more state of the art features. Our most recent updates allow Project managers to be more efficient, save time when working in Qondor and save a lot on costs.

💡 The updates are broken down per Qondor module so you can easily find the information that is most relevant for you. I also recommend glancing over the modules that may not seem very relevant, to ensure you are making the best use out of Qondor.


◼ Project Ledger

  • Project statuses and Project stages moved to Project Ledger. The two statuses likely to be set manually are "cancelled" and "finished". The status and stage of the project impacts the financials and therefore it made more sense to have these on the same page.

  • Inputting real numbers became mandatory for all Project managers when setting a project to 'finished' to receive accurate data for reporting.

  • Budget numbers also moved to Project Ledger so that all financial data can be viewed in one place.

◼Project details

  • Project managers are now able to edit project Internal remarks and Supplier information directly from the Project details page. (Previously, Project managers would have to go into Project settings to do this).


  • Duplicate offer products and product groups* - this was one of our favourite new features of the year. This makes it easier to reuse information you have added to a product and saves a lot of time when creating offers.

  • Week 40 welcomed the ability to delete an entire product group! All contents in a product group can be deleted in one click, from the product menu in Offer admin.

  • Faster offer admin. Several performance improvements were made to Offer admin to provide a faster performing site when working with large offers. After internal testing on large offers, the results showed that the performance was twice as fast as before!

  • Offer comments emails were translated so that offer comments are displayed in the language set in Project settings on your project. This allows for a more personalised experience for your customers.

  • Paste flight segments from Galileo on transport products. (Previously it was only possible to paste in Amadeus format, now it is possible to use one or both formats.)

  • Automatic rounding on products with 0% margin will no longer occur. When the Project manager adds in prices with decimals, the out price will not be rounded off in Offer admin. (Does not apply to Customer web.)

  • The design on the customer offer invoicing page was improved to ensure ease of viewing and understanding the different statuses. Tool tips were added for quick and easy access of information in order to make it easier to understand the information on this page.


  • The possibility to bulk assign a program** to participants was added! This eliminates additional cost and makes it super easy for Project managers to assign a program to participants in one go! This is especially useful for Project managers who use the enable feedback feature.

**The authentication method for Programs must be set to "per user phone".


  • Booker fields were moved to the Form builder page for more effective navigation when building registration forms.


  • Check-in performance was improved to provide a faster and more stable application.

  • Check-in set up fee of €300 was removed! So if you haven't already started selling check-in to your customers, why not consider it now? Read more about check-in here.

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