In projects with several participants and personal programs, you previously would have to assign a program to each participant one by one. This was not only frustrating but time consuming.

This is why we have developed the option for you to be able to bulk assign* a program to participants in a project. Now, you have the power! This is great for Project managers who enable feedback or star rating on programs, as assigning a participant to the correct program is essential for this to work. 

This also eliminates the need to reach out to Qondor support and saves you cost.

We have up until now charged 1-4 hours of technical support for this task depending on the project size.

*The authentication method for Programs must be set to "per user phone".

🤔 Why use Programs feedback?

With Program feedback, your participants can rate and add comments to your program activities. An activity could be a workshop, a social activity, lunch/dinner and so on. Feedback can be provided during or after the event.

Gaining feedback is essential to understand what your participants thought about the event so you can learn what went right and if anything went wrong. This can provide you with the information you need to improve future events, and give yourself a pat on the back for a successful event. Enabling feedback per activity whilst the participant has the program gives the participants an easy way to provide feedback increasing the likelihood of receiving the feedback and not being dismissed. The participants can also rate or comment directly on the activity and whilst the experience is fresh in their mind - this contributes to a better response rate and increased value for you.

💡 Read more about using Programs and enabling Program feedback.

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