One of the greatest strengths of Qondor Check-In is being able to report in detail on the check-in status of your attendees. You're able to generate custom dynamic lists for both you and your Customer to keep track of the attendees:

  • Report on shows and no-shows

  • Send segmented emails or SMS based on attendance

  • View the number of people checked in and the total quantity of persons registered at all times

  • Document attendance at an event and/or several activities in real time

If you haven't already made yourself familiar with Check-in, I recommend checking out our Check-in section in the help center.

❗NB: Check-in information need to be synced from the Check-in devices to Qondor in order for the reports to be complete. The Check-in devices will attempt to sync its information every 20 seconds while online.


Creating a check-in list is done through Lists in Qondor, read more about creating dynamic lists of participants here if you need a reminder of how this is done.

In the Create new list view, navigate to the Check-in tab to find check-in options. In my example below I select my check-in point (Lunch) and the first check-in time.

Example list showing the participants' check-in time:

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