It is now possible to duplicate products and product groups in Offer admin! That's right, no more having to create the same products from scratch.

Why have we developed this function?

This is a feature that has been requested for some time and by many of you - great minds think alike!  So we thought it was a great request and wanted to get it rolling! 'Duplicate' will make it easier to reuse information you have added to a product, saving you a lot of time allowing you to work more efficiently in Offers and create offers faster.

A scenario you may be able to relate to:

A customer has a need for a conference room, lunch and refreshments, dinner and accommodation. They may want several hotels or venues to choose from. The set up is identical for each option and only the price changes. 

Duplicating products makes it quicker to just copy the product and amend the prices, rather than having to re-add each product for each option.

Two simple clicks to duplicate a product or product group:

  1. Click the offer product menu button in Offer admin 

  2. Click duplicate.

This will instantly create a duplicated product underneath the original product - amend if needed and save!

📌 Note: 

  • Duplicate products copies everything except tickets on a transport product and offer comments.

  • The duplicated product will be 'unpublished' and 'unanswered'.

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