❗ Project statuses can no longer be set or found in Project Settings. 

Why has this moved?

The two statuses likely to be set manually are 'finished' and 'cancelled'. When setting a project to 'finished' Project managers had the option to include real numbers but this was not mandatory. Since it was optional, including real numbers could be missed meaning that Insights wouldn't receive consistent data to provide accurate reporting.

So to make reporting as accurate as possible, we have made it mandatory for all Project managers to input real numbers when they set a project to 'finished'. Since Project managers now need to input the real numbers, it makes sense for them to be able to do this on the same page (in Project Ledger) where they can view all financial data simultaneously. 

That's not all...

We made the below improvements to simplify the process of submitting financial data to gain better Insights

  • The option to make "real sales" mandatory in Office settings has been removed. "Real sales" is now default mandatory, again helping to provide more useful data for Insights.

  • The Financial Info tab has been removed from Project Settings - this tab was visible by default but is now dependent on whether "Project budget numbers are required" is activated in Office settings. 

  • Budget numbers have been moved to Project Ledger too. Well, it just makes sense to view all financial data in one place!  

More could be on its way...

👂 Do you want to be able to view more data in Project Ledger?

🗣 If you answered "YES!" let us know what information on bookings or financials you would find useful to have in Project Ledger to be able to close a project. 


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