We know it's hard work to stay updated on all fronts. Fret not, we have summarised our best improvements and new features for you below so you can be on your Qondor A-game for the rest of 2019.

💡  Check out the links to see demonstrations and read more on the new features.


  • Project managers can bulk delete, publish or unpublish: single products, product groups (containing multiple products) and offer text elements in one go!

  • "No. of people" field on accommodation products was renamed to "Guests per room" to clarify that this field is to determine how many guests can stay in the room. Choose from "1-3" guests or input a number manually, if a number higher than 3 is required.*

  • No more sending offers with an expired option date. An option date field has been added to the send offer dialog and it is not possible to set an option date in the past.

  • Customer contact information and date of their acceptance of the terms and conditions displays on the offer confirmation PDF.

  • Customise the text next to the accept T&Cs checkbox on offers in accordance with your legal process, instead of using the standard Qondor-wording. 

  • URLs for Offer links sent to customer contact persons became shorter - now they are cleaner and easier to identify. 

*This is also applicable to accommodation products on registration forms.


  • Use Quick Search to search for and access projects easily, from anywhere in your Qondor. 

  • You can also use quick search to access items in the menu, such as: Participants, Offers, Programs and so on.

💡 ALT + F is the keyboard shortcut for Quick Search.


  • Attachments sent in an email or SMS can be downloaded directly from the Communication Center.

  • Project managers are able to view a preview of the actual email or SMS sent to the recipient.

  • Project managers can copy and access the offer link from the communication center. This is useful if the Project manager needs to send the offer link manually.


If you are adding a logo to a program in Qondor this is visible on your participants' mobile devices.


Project files uploader was improved and simplified for easier and faster uploading of files.  


  • Throughout your forms the currency code was added to make it more clear to the booker which currency the prices are in. A breakdown of VAT has also been added in both the payment overview and the booking confirmation.

  • Reservation information only shows on the form when the booker has an item in the cart, (previously an empty reservation information box would be displayed).


Insights was our biggest feature of the year, and we are continuing to develop and improve this function. Here's what's possible so far:

Office admins and Super admins can view:

  • Number of projects (All statuses are included)

  • Total estimated sales*

  • Total estimated revenue*

  • Average margin

  • Hit rate (All statuses are included)

  • A visual overview of cancellation reasons, leads from and project categories. (Note: The cancellation reasons chart will only show if there are cancelled projects in the filter.)

  • Estimated numbers per Project managers to evaluate their performance on projects.

  • Which customers are providing the most sales and revenue

(*Estimated numbers are real numbers on Finished projects)


(To handle payments on registration forms/bookings)

If your organisation has an online credit card agreement with Netaxept, you can now integrate this with Qondor for booking payments on registration forms, (in addition to DIBS which was already supported).

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