After connecting a credit card to your customer, either through a link sent to your customer or Adding them yourself in AdminWeb you are able to pay an invoice in Qondor AdminWeb.

If you have a credit card connected to the Customer you're invoicing it will be automatically selected as the Form of payment. If you have multiple credit cards connected to a Customer you're able to select any of these from the drop-down list.


Failed payment

If the credit card payment has failed it will appear as red in the Customer invoicing list. You can hover the icon to view more information about why the payment failed. You're also able to delete the payment by clickin the red trash can icon.

If you click the red credit card icon you're able to retry the payment. You can retry the same card, try a new one or select Invoice.

Crediting a credit card payment

You can credit a successful credit card payment that has been externally processed through Qondor by clicking the red trash can icon. It will credit the entire payment directly to the customer's credit card. It is not possible to partially refund a payment.

❗ Qondor only supports crediting from Qondor AdminWeb, do not credit the payment directly from the Stripe Dashboard!

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