Have you ever thought about how many times a day you search for a project?

We have! Quick search is a great function that allows you to search for and access Projects and search for Customers allowing you to work smarter and faster in Qondor.

(ℹ A search made using Quick search will only display results inside your office, and a maximum of 20 items.)

To bring up the quick search box you can do either of the below:

  • Press ALT + F on your keyboard


  • Click on the new 🔍 located at the top right hand corner of your Qondor page (only available in Admin web).  

Search for and access projects or customers

You can search for a project by typing in the project name or project number:

Click to open the project and you will be directed to the project's details page.

📌 The search is sorted so that the most recently created projects are displayed at the top. 

📌 Use your mouse or the arrows on your keyboard to navigate to the project you want to access. 

You can search for a Customer by selecting the Customer toggle and start typing the customer name or number:

Clicking the customer in the search result will take you to the customer profile.

📌 Customers are sorted in alphabetical order.

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