Have you ever thought about how many times a day you search for a project?

We have! Quick search is a great function that allows you to search for and access Projects and Items in the menu allowing you to work even smarter and faster in Qondor.

(A search made using Quick search will only display results inside your office, and a maximum of 20 items.)

To bring up the quick search box you can do either of the below:

  • Press ALT + F on your keyboard

  • Click on the new 🔍 located at the top right hand corner of your Qondor page (only available in Admin web).  

Search for and access projects

You can search by typing in the project name or project number:

The search is sorted so that the most recently created projects are displayed at the top. 

Use your mouse or the arrows on your keyboard to navigate to the project you want to access. 

Click to open the project and you will be directed to the project's details page.

Search for and access items in the menu

Simply type a keyword (for the item you are searching for), for example "program" into the search bar and click to access. 

Create a new project from anywhere in Qondor

Open up quick search.

Begin typing "new project" in the "Quick search" search bar and press enter on "new project". You will then be redirected to the new project page.

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