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How we deliver product updates

What to expect from the Qondor team in terms of product development

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We have a high quality team of engineers and product managers continuously working to ensure our customers have an excellent working experience in Qondor. We ship updates regularly through releases, on average every second week. Qondor is updated overnight to ensure minimum disturbance.

Types of updates vary from release to release, but can be categorized into new features, enhancements of existing features, bug fixing and technical maintenance. Our teams work closely together to ensure updates make sense to our users and deliver value.


Our Customer Success team informs customers whenever we deem it necessary, to ensure users make the most of our improvements and avoid disruptions and unnecessary questions.

When relevant, Qondor superusers receive an email update during the week of a release with information on what is updated and a link to the specific release notes for more information.

For updates that we consider important for all users to be aware of, we also inform directly in Qondor with in app messages, in the part of the platform where the update takes effect.

To ensure customers generate maximum value from our larger developments, we give a heads up in advance, so users can be prepared and organisations can define any appropriate internal routines to utilize the enhancements to their advantage.

For larger updates like new features, we also hold free webinars where updates are presented with practical cases, so our customers are always in the loop.


We highly value user feedback, and encourage our customers to let us know whether an update was valuable or not, and if necessary information was received. Get in touch if you would like to share your thoughts.

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