We understand that it might be hard work keeping up with all our updates, so we've compiled this list below, to ensure you haven't missed anything.


  • Learn these keyboard shortcuts to be more effective when working with offers

  • Copy offer texts in product search

  • Customer contact persons can Answer offers without accepting published terms & conditions, when not saying yes to any products in the offer

  • Products are in bold text for a more outstanding offer

Project ledger and Insights

  • Get an overview of estimated, invoiced and real numbers in your projects.

  • Office Administrators can get an overview of your Office economy by forecasting on your estimated numbers


  • Program activity information is expanded by default


Registration forms

  • Be more personal and prevent registration errors by adding a custom heading and text at the top of the personal details page

  • Hide product headers to keep your form clear and clean

  • No need to navigate price settings when adding products without prices

  • Set your company or customer's logo on PDF booking confirmations via form settings

Registration forms - Accommodation

Bookers can enjoy:

  • Improved search tool for relevant results

  • Unlimited booking time on multibookings

Easier for the project manager:

  • If the booker is sharing a room, the 'sharing with' field is now split into two fields rather than just one, allowing the booker to enter the first names and last names of the other sharers separately. This makes name reporting on for example triple rooms more accurate.


  • Super admins and office admins can create Project custom fields which will be displayed in project settings for more custom reporting

  • Create Customer categories to determine where your business is coming from and the type of business

  • Activate a verification of unique customer numbers to prevent duplicate customer numbersΒ 

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