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Access a shared list

How list receivers securely access a shared list

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This article describes the simple steps you must take in order to access a list that has been shared with you. Authentication to this list will expire after 24 hours, so if this time passes you will have to authenticate again as described in this article by using the same link.

  1. The email you receive will have a link to the list. It will look like the email below. (This link will remain active, until the sender revokes your access.)

2. After clicking the link in the email you will be asked to authorize your email account by entering a 4 character code. The code will be automatically emailed to you once you click the link. 

(If you need a new code, click send me a new code and a new code will be emailed to you.)

3. Go back to your email inbox to get the 4 character code.

4. After entering the 4 character code, you will be forwarded to the list.

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